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LIVE Marketing Show

Driving Revenue with ABM: Precision, Alignment, and Automation


It’s no secret – Account-Based Marketing (ABM) provides revenue teams with a proven, scalable way to maximize efficiency using fewer resources.

But simply adopting an ABM strategy is not enough to take down your top target accounts and fulfill the promise of ABM.

In this Market Better show, we have the experts show you how to raise your average deal sizes, align your entire revenue organization at every stage, and power up hyper-targeted cross-channel campaigns.

What You'll Learn:
  • How to align marketing, sales, and customer success teams to create a cohesive and exceptional buyer experience
  • Ways to harness the power of intent data to precisely pinpoint and engage accounts displaying active interest
  • Explore how automation empowers personalized engagement, elevating efficiency across ABM workflows
  • How to craft tailored outreach that strikes the ideal resonance and timing for impactful interactions
Jack Kosakowski 
Creation Agency
Lauren McHugh
Senior Manager, Product Marketing
Kaitlin Sanders
Customer Delivery Manager III 
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