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Daily Sales Show

How to Master These Critical  Discovery Questions

Calendar Mar 29, 2023 @ 12:00PM ET

Discovery is all about asking questions and getting answers - but if you don’t ask the right, relevant, and substantive questions, you’ll only get the wrong answers (or none at all).

In this live show, we’ll help you remove the fluff from discovery and keep your process on track. You’ll get techniques - including top questions to ask - that’ll help you find and win over any financial buyer.

What You'll Learn:
  • The critical discovery questions that lead to strong closes
  • Top questions to convince financial buyers and encourage them to act
  • How to add substance to - and remove fluff from - your closing processes
James Buckley
Content Creator & Host
Sell Better by JB Sales
Belal Batrawy
Death to Fluff
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