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How to Re-Engage Prospects Who Ghost You


We’re still in just the first month of 2023 and already, ghosts are haunting us.

You know the type: prospects who suddenly drop off the face of the earth, leaving your deal in limbo.

How you handle this situation can re-engage and re-invigorate a stalled deal - or at the least, save you valuable time.

That’s exactly what you’ll learn how to do in this show of Sell Better.

What You'll Learn:
  • Top signs that you’re being ghosted
  • What to do when a deal stalls and a prospect goes radio silent
  • Why you shouldn’t let keeping in touch keep you from filling your pipeline
Adrian Cea
Content Creator & Host
Sell Better by JB Sales
Krysten Conner
Enterprise Account Executive
Hannah Ajikawo
Practice Lead, GTM Strategy, EMEA
Skaled Consulting
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